University offers the following scholarships:

a) Jinnah Scholarship

At the time of admission, 100% TUITION FEE WAIVER would be awarded to undergraduate candidates who have obtained 90% or more in Intermediate, A-Levels or University examination in the annual system of education. Candidates who have obtained 85% and 75% marks would be awarded 60% and 40% tuition fee waivers respectively.

b) Chancellor's Scholarship

Full fee paying undergraduate students will become entitled to a scholarship equivalent to 75% of tuition fee if he/she obtains 4.00 GPA with at least 15 Cr. Hrs. and being within normal time duration.

c) Under Graduate Merit Scholarship

For undergraduate programs, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position holders of each degree program will be awarded 60%, 50% and 40% scholarships respectively on the subsequent semesters course work; provided the position holder’s GPA is 3.5 or above with minimum 15 Cr. Hrs. and the normal duration of the program has not been exceeded .

d) Kinship Scholarship

A sibling of a full fee paying student can be granted a fee remission of up to 50%, however, scholarship will be awarded to the sibling who is registered in lesser number of Cr. Hrs.

e) M.A.J.U/C.U.S.T / PGC Alumni Scholarship

MAJU / CUST / PGC Alumni will be eligible for 25% scholarship on tuition fee, both at the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

f) Talent Scholarship

Graduate students having >= 3.75 CGPA or 90% marks in their last degree program are offered a scholarship equivalent to 60% on course work tuition fee.

g) Graduate Merit Scholarship

Scholarship of 50% will be offered on subsequent course work tuition fee to a graduate student who has earned a GPA >= 3.8 with minimum 9 Cr. Hrs and who has not exceeded the normal time duration.

h) Need Based Scholarship

Need based scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates. Candidates may apply in writing for a need based scholarship which would then be decided on a case to case basis.

Note :

a) No scholarship will be awarded if the current CGPA of a student is < 2.5 for undergraduate programs and < 3 for graduate programs

b) All scholarships will be awarded only if the program of the student is within normal time duration.

c) If a student has been penalized by the Students Discipline Committee, he/she will not be eligible for any scholarship.

d) The University reserves the right to change the scholarship policy without prior notice.