Capital University of Science & Technology

BS Biosciences

Biosciences is an interdisciplinary approach that executes cutting edge study in a wide range of areas including biochemistry, bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, biotechnology, microbiology and environmental sciences. Department promotes excellence interdisciplinary biological research by encouraging independent and original work and training.

Admission Requirements

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent securing at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • CUST Admission Test or HEC Approved Test.

Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the BS Biosciences degree is required to complete successfully 130 credit hours as per the following details:

AREACr. Hrs.
Biosciences Core Courses 56
Biosciences Elective Courses 24
Supporting Sciences Courses 19
General Education / University Electives 25
Internship 0
Project 6
Community Service 0

Program Duration

This is a four year degree program comprising of 8 semesters with minimum of 130 semester credit hours (Cr. Hrs). There will be a Fall and a Spring semester in each year. The summer session will be utilized for internships or deficiency courses. The maximum duration to complete BS is 7 years.