Capital University of Science & Technology

MBA (Professional)

MBA Professional is a new, innovative and flexible program for full/part time students. As a variant of the MBA program it is designed to meet the needs of working professionals. The MBA Professional is the education for managers; and is designed for people who are already in a demanding job and want to transform their business effectiveness and careers. The program allows you to continue your career while you study, putting into practice what you learn. In MBA-Professional, the coursework emphasis is on research orientation, problem solving, management skills, entrepreneurial skills and all other ingredients required for effective leadership qualities. After completion of the coursework, students of MBA Professional are required to undertake a real life practical project. The wide range of specialization areas as detailed below gives students an opportunity to tailor their studies to an individual interest and/or career plans.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of 14 years of education (bachelor's degree) in any discipline.
  • Two years work experience.
  • Admission Test
  • Interview

Degree Requirements

AREACr. Hrs.
Core Courses 42
Elective Courses 9
Specialization Courses 9
Business Project 6

Program Duration

This is a 2 year degree program comprising of 4 semesters with minimum of 66 semester credit hours (SCH). There is a Fall and a Spring semester in each year. The summer sessions are utilized for Business Projects or deficiency courses. The maximum duration to complete the degree is 3 years.