High-Quality Tele-Medicine Driven Video Encoding System Under Very-Low Bitrates is being executed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah Universirty, Islamabad as the Principal Investigator's Organization (PIO).
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir is the Project Director. The project is funded by ICT R&D fund and the total value of the project is Rs. 25,424,053 (Rs. 25.4 Millions). Duration for the completion of this project is 2 years.
The main goal of the project is to develop a novel customized video coding system for telemedicine domain. The proposed system deals with investigating different enhancements in the advanced video codecs, so that they can provide adequate diagnostic capabilities under low bitrate scenarios. The proposed system will enable the remote physician to mark some regions in the diagnostic video frame, whose quality needs to be enhanced. The system comprises of development of telemedicine driven bit-allocation and rate control scheme, adaptive coding configuration scheme, adaptive motion estimation scheme, and a selective loop-control filter for diagnostic videos. The developed system will then be tested under low-bandwidth conditions and evaluated by expert physicians to validate the diagnostic quality of the diagnostic video.

Telemedicine System Diagram using proposed Video Coding System

A scenario where a physician is viewing a certain diagnostic video of a patient in some remote location of Pakistan. Figure illustrates one such scenario. The figure shows two specific regions of interest in the diagnostic video that the physician wants to observe at a higher quality than the other non-important regions in the video.

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High-Quality Tele-Medicine Driven Video Encoding System Under Very-Low Bitrates